Representing Offco-Next solution.

  • WELCOME 2 OFFCO-NEXT SOLUTIONS LIMITED.  . 2016_06_07_13_28_20.jpgWelcome. This one is spacialy designed for our customers all over…. Firstly, We will be talking about MERCURY. I, MR JOPHIK- really appreciate the fact that the MERCURY COMPANY LIMITED has brought world wildly the ability to resist the threatened of Electricity, Most especially here-in our Country Nigeria. Therefore we all need the benefit in this products at it’s affordable price.

OFFCO-NEXT SOLUTION LIMITED, is in no:1 patnership with the MERCURY COMPANY LIMITED. We can be located At No: B,118 Alaba int’l mkt, Ojo Alaba, Lagos-Nigeria. Tell; 08033969299, 08097545299, or you can talk with the MD = 08063285993. Emails=,,


This is some mercury Rating: Elite-650 Pro= Built in AVR with input range of 140-300VAC. 2-Auto Restart 3-output short circuit protection 4-overload protection 5-overcharge protection 6-sleek nd compact design with CPU control. Elite-1000 pro- See It First…

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Line Interative Ups. Output short circuit protection 2-over temperature protection, 3-overload protection 4-Dataline protection 5-DC start 6-Intelligent battery management 7-wide Range of input voltage. 8-Auto restart 9-Surge protection.etc………… Thanks a lot. We appreciate. wait for (our) the next Episode

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